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Care of the environment is becoming increasingly important for society, and classic cars cannot be excluded from taking responsible action. At the same time, record fuel prices mean that drivers are even more aware of the cost of running their cars, even if many of these cars do not cover large miles.

Sport and Classic are at the forefront of designing and integrating technology into classic cars to make them more fuel efficient and reduce emissions. We are also focused on bringing this technology to owners at a reasonable cost.

There are significant additional benefits for owners as much of this technology and technique makes the cars easier to start, more reliable and considerably easier to live with, and prevents wear and tear. For example, a new differential on an E-type can make the car more relaxed to drive, last longer and considerable reduce fuel consumption.

On the subject of the E-type, with a combination of solutions, we regularly see gains of 5 mpg and often as much as 10 mpg, enabling owners to use their cars on a more regular basis.

When our classic cars were made, the designers did not have the benefit of decades of technological innovation - how many of us can remember the nightmare of cold weather starting; or worse, cold and damp! Many of these classic problems can be alleviated by Sport and Classic.

Finally, many classic car owners find that they want additional equipment built into their cars, either to make them easier to drive or more enjoyable. Power steering, air conditioning, sat nav and music systems all impose greater demands on the electrical systems of old cars. In many cases, our economy solutions give a more robust electrical structure, enabling these enhancements to be operated efficiently.

If you would like to find out more about how we can make a significant improvement to the fuel efficiency and the running of your classic car, call us and talk through your requirements.