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Sport and Classic have a select range of quality products that we offer classic car owners. We are not stockists of hundreds of different lines, but do aim to fill niche requirements or help our clients to solve particular problems. We are adding to our range all the time, so do keep watching out for our latest releases

Garage Flooring Tiles

This modular system enables you to create a custom floor to display your prized classic. Exceptionally tough, this flooring system clips together simply and quickly, with no special skills required.

This system cannot be compared with low grade flooring that will quickly mark or even break. This flooring system is used by race teams throughout the USA to lay in the pits before each race, so you can imagine that abuse it has to go through.

Key benefits of our high performance system are:
No need to keep repainting your garage floor
Cuts down on dust
Helps prevent under car condensation
Reduces heating bills though the insulating properties
Warmer to the touch than a concrete floor
Highly oil resistant
Displays your car superbly

Better still, because the tiles can be unclipped and packed away, if you move house you can take your floor with you! The flooring is available in Red, Black, White and Silver Grey, all with a hard wearing, easy clean glossy finish. The price is 30 plus VAT and this includes delivery anywhere in the UK.

Aston Martin Brake Servo

Aston Martin classic car owners have a common problem in sourcing brake master servos. Frequently the only resource is a refurbished unit, and these often suffer from reliability issues, and may not provide the stopping power of a modern unit.

Our new high quality servos are manufactured in the EU and can be ordered with bespoke mounting systems to match your car. Our price of 300 per servo includes delivery throughout the UK.

So, if you want your Aston Martin to stop as well as it goes, and give you greater reliability, our powerful modern servos could be just what you need. As Aston Martin specialist, Sport and Classic also provide a fitting service, should you require it.