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Throughout the restoration of your classic car Sport and Classic will advise you on the costs and the time frame of the work that needs to be done. At the same time, we can make suggestions on what is most practical, along with the options and upgrades that can be taken along the way - it is very often best to get upgrades incorporated into the initial restoration as these can be more expensive to carry out at a later date.

Please see our 'Upgrades' page for more information on what is available, but bear in mind that this is only a small part of what we can do. The first step in a Sport and Classic restoration is dialogue with the owner to understand exactly what is required, what is desirable and what the budget is. At this initial stage we will be able to understand more about you, your car, the demands to which it will be put and even your dreams for the future with your restored vehicle.

This is just the start of our journey together. Each stage of the restoration and development of your car will be discussed with you and regular progress reports issued, along with photographs of the work; so you can see how your project is unfolding. You are welcome to visit our facility to see the work in progress and to discuss the development of your car; an ideal time to experience the care and attention that we lavish on all of our restorations.

It is important to recognise that in restoring your car we can produce a vehicle that can cope with all the conditions of modern driving. The bodyshell can be galvanised and protected from the horrors of rust, performance and brakes can be significantly improved and comfort, safety and usability enhanced.

We also believe in absolute integrity, so will never charge for work that has not been done, add on costs to bump up the bill or 'find' work that does not need to be done. Most of our work is photographed, even small jobs, so you know exactly what has been carried out - we believe that this complete transparency is a first in the automotive world.

For a complete restoration, our expertise and track record is well proven and our consultancy work for Jaguar Heritage is a demonstration of the trust that such a respected organisation places in us. At the end of the restoration we will hand you the keys to a beautifully built car, a photographic record of the entire project, an accurate valuation and a Heritage certificate (which often adds significant value on resale).

To start your restoration journey with Sport and Classic, call us to discuss your requirements and your dream.