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When we service your car or car this is just the start of your journey with Sport and Classic. We can advise you on preventative maintenance and preservation, helping to reduce your costs in the future and keeping your car in the best condition possible.

At the same time that your car is being serviced, we will let you know what jobs are coming up in the future, allowing you to budget for the work whilst having a greater understanding of the mechanical needs of your vehicle.

Thanks to our depth of knowledge and experience, we are able to carry out advanced work on a wide range of vehicles. From the smallest hatchback to the most powerful Aston Martin DB9, or the most unusual classic car, we apply the same dedication and professionalism to each.

Whilst we run a business, we believe that customers should be charged a fair price for the work that we do, so our hourly rate is fixed at 45 per hour plus VAT.

We also believe in absolute integrity, so will never charge for work that has not been done, add on costs to bump up the bill or 'find' work that does not need to be done. Most of our work is photographed, even small jobs, so you know exactly what has been carried out - we believe that this complete transparency is a first in the automotive world.

Classic Cars
We also believe that part of the pleasure of owning a classic car is understanding its provenance, engineering, areas of innovation and history of development. Since we acknowledge that our clients are enthusiasts, just like us, we like to discuss the cars that we work on and give accurate, informed feedback to all our owners so that they understand more about what they own.

At the same time, we can talk through the opportunities for enhancing the car, from simple upgrades to high performance, cutting edge specialist modifications.