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We offer a comprehensive range of carefully considered upgrades, all designed to enhance the ownership experience of your car. Starting with simple upgrades, such as polybushes on E-Type suspension, right the way through to racing engines and ceramic competition brakes, you can choose exactly how your car should perform.

For more modern cars there is a vast range of exciting upgrades available, from suspension to engine performance and interior options, such as sports seats. Before undertaking any upgrade it is worthwhile talking to us first in order to understand the implications of what you are looking to do. Expensive mistakes can therefore be prevented, or alternative solutions considered.

As you would expect with the Sport and Classic technicians, we will offer you straight forward advice before we start work. Working to your brief of what you want to achieve, and to your budget, we will tell you exactly what is available and what the results will be. With every project a balance needs to be achieved between performance, cost, originality and safety. Thanks to our advanced engineering skills, and understanding of the history and development of classic and sports cars, we are ideally placed to discretely incorporate even the most advanced enhancements and upgrades into your car.

Just some of the examples of the specific upgrades that we can build into your car are listed below:

Programmable fuel injection
Camshafts, crankshafts and conrods engineered for specific requirements
Uprated cylinder heads
Mapable engine management systems
Unleaded conversion
Oil coolers
Forged pistons
Modified flywheels
Engine tuning
High flow oil pumps
Ignition systems
Electronic fuel pumps
Fuel pressure regulators

We can engineer your engine to produce better torque on the road, turn it into a high performance racing unit, or simply make it more reliable and easier to live with. The brief is yours.

Transmission and Brakes
Automatic or manual conversion
Uprated clutch for specific requirements

  • Brakes upgrades
  • right up to full competition specification
  • ABS
  • Servo assistance

Power steering conversion
Remote brake bleed systems

Suspension and Chassis
Full sports suspension
Lightweight performance equipment
Full adjustable suspension systems and shock absorbers Competition tyres and wheels, including wire wheels Enhanced rear axles
Front and rear anti roll bars

General and Electrical
Left to right hand conversion
Stainless steel water pipes
Discrete air conditioning
Rear parking sensors
Intermittent wipers
Hazard warning lights
Remote central locking
Alarms and immobilisers
Alternator conversions
Uprated cooling fans
Wiring loom upgrades
Satellite Navigation
Sound systems, including CD, DVD, TV, MP3, iPod, enhanced speaker packages
Cruise control

Heat and sound insulation
Full reupholster and interior rebuild
Fire extinguishers
Roll cages
Electric windows
Seatbelts - in the colour and style of your choice

Replacement panels
Fabric hoods
Galvanised body and additional rust prevention
Custom body modification
Upgraded lights
Replacement and upgraded windows and windscreen Custom paint finishes