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Bright paintwork can hide a multitude of often extremely expensive horrors. If you are thinking about buying either a sports car or a classic car, then we would be delighted to give you some buying tips and points to check on. If you would like us to view the car before you part with your money, then this can also be arranged, subject to location.

Whilst we cannot make the ultimate decision to buy, you will at least have the benefit of our knowledge and experience when making your assessment of a future purchase.

Post purchase
If you have a car already, or if you have just bought one, then you will need to ensure that your insurance covers you at the right level. Too high a valuation and your insurance will be more expensive, too low and you are not adequately covered.

With so many variations in cars, specification and provenance, you will need the most accurate assessment of the value of your vehicle possible. Our technicians are authorised to carry out insurance valuations and will issue with all of the documentation that you need to make sure that your car is adequately and accurately covered.

If you have had additional work carried out on your car since its last valuation then it is essential that you have it re-valued as its value may well have increased and your cover may now no longer be adequate.